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Grubs & Lawn Damaging Insects

Insects can damage a lawns from the roots

Looking to get rid of grubs and lawn damaging bugs?

One of the hardest problems home and businesses owners face when it comes to maintaining healthy grass is grubs.  Grubs can take over any lawn because they come from flying insects that lay eggs in the soil. When the eggs hatch the larvae spend the first portion of their lives eating the roots of your grass causing a weak root system and often times can create huge dead spots.

THe best way to treat this problem is to stop them before they start with our specialized treatment that kills them before they become a problem all while being a safe yard for your family and pets.


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Lawn World is the industry expert in Northern Utah. We've been in business for 37 years and have a proven track record of results and happy customers. We make sure every employee that works for us is licensed, experienced and knowledgeable so we can provide the best service.

We're local! We are a locally and family owned business. We care about our community, who we buy our materials from and supporting our local community. When you do business with Lawn World your supporting the local economy and getting BETTER service than the big corporate companies can provide.


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Grub and Lawn Damaging Insects

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Came a sprayed bugs and wasps, were very thorough and also careful because we have chickens we were worried about.

Sandra H.

I have a home daycare and have 8 crazy kiddos AND a large dog running around our yard all day. We've been using Lawn World for the past three years; now starting on our 4th summer. My lawn looks beyond amazing!!

Darcie N.

My lawn has never looked better! Great, considerate service. Their system of products works great and always just when my lawn needs it.

Eric C.