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Frequently Asked Questions 

Having been around since 1984 we’re the area experts when it comes to lawn care. We find ourselves answering the same questions a lot, so we’ll put them here for your convenience.

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Is Lawn World licensed and insured?

Lawn World is licensed and insured, and all Lawn World technicians are licensed through the Utah State Department of Agriculture.

Does the company have a good track record?

We’ve been in business for 30+ years and have many happy customers.

Lawn World is also a member and in good standing with the BBB. Lawn World is in good standing and licensed with the Utah State Department of Agriculture. Satisfied friends and neighbors have referred many of Lawn World’s customers.

Is the company affiliated with a professional lawn care association?

 Lawn World is a member of the Utah Pest Control and Lawn Care Association (UPCLA). The owners of Lawn World have been active with the UPCLA serving in the presidency or on the board of directors for over 30 years.

Does the company offer a variety of pest management approaches?

Lawn World offers an integrated pest management program. Lawn World uses pesticides as needed and promotes proper cultural practices to help in controlling pests. Lawn World believes in making plants healthier so they can fend off pests naturally, whenever possible.

Is the company willing to help you understand your lawn’s problems and the solutions?

Lawn World is your partner in your lawn care program. Lawn World will take care of your fertilizing weed control and insect control needs. Lawn World will take the time to give you proper watering and mowing instructions. Improper watering and mowing can lead to disappointing results.

Will the company tell you which fertilizers and pesticides it applies to your landscape and why?

Lawn World will give you a guaranteed analysis at the time of each application telling you exactly which fertilizers and pesticides were applied. Lawn World uses only EPA registered pesticides and will be happy to answer any questions regarding the applications.

Is the product used pet friendly?

Lawn World uses EPA registered quality products at the appropriate rates for the safest applications possible.

Am I obligated to sign a contract or have a minimum number of applications?

You are not obligated to sign a contract.  You do get a discounted price if you are on a program but you can cancel at anytime.